of New
God's Special Time
"...you came into prison and visited me."
Matthew 25:36


Kairos Prison Ministry International, Inc. is the parent organization of New Hampshire Kairos. Our purpose is addressing the spiritual needs of incarcerated men, women and children, their families and to those who work in the prison environment. Kairos sprang from the Cursillo movement and is supported by volunteers from Cursillo and those other movements that consider Cursillo as their root. Although a separate ministry, Kairos has received the blessing and encouragement of 4th Day movements such as Cursillo, National Episcopal Cursillo, Presbyterian Cursillo, Lutheran Via de Cristo, The Upper Room's Walk To Emmaus, and independently ecumenical Tres Dias. Kairos Prison Ministry is a ministry rather than a movement.

Kairos is a ministry of the church ... a ministry of the apostles whom Jesus, the Christ, has called into community and sent forth into the environment of the correctional institution. Kairos has been called the best example of the early church in existence today.

Kairos Prison Ministry International, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation chartered in the State of Florida and has become known as Kairos Prison Ministry. The words, Kairos Prison Ministry, are repeated in the Kairos logo, a registered trademark. Kairos Prison Ministry authorizes chartered states to present Kairos ministries within their states, following directions contained in Kairos manuals, which are updated as specific needs arise. Kairos manuals are copyrighted. All rights are reserved.

Kairos of New Hampshire