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Fall 2016

Kairos of NH

Upcoming Events

September 16-19

Kairos Inside Goffstown
Pat Preisendorfer

October 13-16

Kairos Inside Concord
Rick Purdy

November 3-6

FCI Berlin, Federal Inside
Chris Young

November 12

Kairos Outside Reunion
West Congregational Church
499 N. State St Concord

30 year celebration

Join us in celebrating
30 years of Kairos in NH
Saturday October 29
Immaculate Heart of Mary
Concord NH


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus and lovers of Kairos,

"How ya doin?!" There are so many wonderful things happening here in NH with the Kairos ministry.

For the first time, there will be a second weekend within a year for Kairos Inside at Goffstown State prison for women. With God's help and the hard work of many on the Advisory Council and the loving and able leadership of Pat Preisendorfer, Kairos #5 is scheduled to take place Friday through Monday, Sept. 16-19.

For only the second time, Kairos #2 at the federal prison, FCI Berlin, is scheduled to take place from Thurs. Nov. 3rd through Sun. Nov. 6th. In the capable hands of Chris Young who is also our International Representative to KPMI, the team will share the love, mercy, and forgiveness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with men who are desperate to experience it.

As we celebrate 30 years in God's service in NH, Rick Purdy, who is experiencing some health issues, (please keep him in your prayers) will lead a loving and supportive team to Concord State prison (where it all began) for Kairos #60 from Oct. 13th through 16th.

Also, Karen Stage and Jill Reynolds are working hard to keep the warm fires of Kairos Outside burning with bi-monthly Reunions. The next one, open to all, will be: November 12th from 10-1 at West Congregational Church, 499 N State Street, Concord. Please contact us.

Finally, please pray for our upcoming leaders for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Also, please pray for our State Chapter Committee and our Advisory Councils. There are opportunities to serve in various positions. Training is available. God may just be calling you. God bless you all. We sincerely hope to see you at our 30th

Anniversary celebration!
Peace, Tony

Time to Celebrate

Kairos of NH is 30 YEARS OLD this year! We need to celebrate and thank God for allowing us to perform this ministry.  What better way to do this then to have a GRAND CELEBRATION DINNER.  This gathering of Kairos volunteers, chaplains and wardens from Kairos #1 Concord to our present teams will be an event you will not want to miss. Special guests include Fr. Marc Montminy who brought Kairos to NH and was on Kairos #1. KPMI CEO Evelyn Lemly will be our special guest. We also hope to have in attendance, Cleveland Bell, the last living of the nine blessed men who founded Kairos, to also attend as a VERY SPECIAL GUEST. Save this date Saturday evening October 29th at Immaculate Heart of Mary, Concord, NH.  If you have any memorabilia items please bring them or call on the committee members to arrange to pick them up for display. Ben Lambert has worked diligently with the help of others compiling an extensive mailing list of those involved with this blessed ministry over the past 30 years.  Invitations are going out soon and please respond ASAP as seating is limited. If you do not receive an invitation letter by Sept. 25th and would like to attend, please contact us.

God bless from the Kairos 30th Anniversary Celebration Committee,
John Brandte, Cecile Camire, Nate Chapman, Tony Coriaty, Ben Lambert, Jim Preisendorfer, and Bill York

Help Needed

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2016, 5:00 pm – 8:30 pm

This is going to be a very special memory night for all those who attend and we, the committee, would like you to help us with the celebration.  We need volunteers for setup Sat. afternoon, greeters, registration tables, during the evening as needed and cleanup.  Please call or email me.

God Bless,
Jim Preisendorfer
(Cell) 603-568-1142


The two and a half hour drive was well worth it!! Seven people showed up and of the seven, five were from my "table". The guys interact very much with each other spiritually and are very open about expressing their love of Jesus. I left there absolute walking on cloud nine; it was so worth the time; I was so blessed!!!

Deacon Bob Gagnon

Reflection by Jim Rock

Mt. 11:25 “I praise you Father, Lord of Heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children"

It is easy to get discouraged with daily reminders of a society in moral freefall. It seems every day there are more and more scandals; rejections of God's grace; and the age-old declaration of Satan: "I will not serve".

In this verse from Matthew, Jesus reminds us that He is still Lord of all and overall. Many of these discouraging events are events seen from a big picture view of life of the famous and powerful. The perspective of events going on in lesser known individual lives is quite different. We in Kairos are blest to see God's Holy Spirit changing the lives of men, women and families - things largely hidden from the world's "wise and learned". These events will never make the 6:00 O'clock News, but are life-changing for the men and women of Kairos. We can all praise God for allowing us in the Kairos ministry the privilege of witnessing God's power. This is the Hope He reveals to "His children".

Dismas Home of NH is becoming a reality! Praise God! This first home will serve women being released from the state prison in Goffstown. Although Kairos is not an After Care Ministry, KPMI does have resources to help those states that do have separate programs and ministries that do. Dismas Home of New Hampshire helps create safe communities by offering formerly incarcerated individuals a second chance and the tools to transform their lives. We offer the formerly incarcerated the ability to transform their lives through a nurturing environment that identifies opportunities and demands accountability.

For more information please check the website: www.DismasHomeNH.org

My first experience on a Kairos Team.

At first I was nervous being in a room full of men from all different faiths but after my first meeting and prayer time I learned that we all had the same thing in common. That was to share our love of Christ. Over the next few weeks I was shown the love that God gives a group of men when they truly unite as Brothers in Christ. Our leader for Kairos #59, Moe Ahern, led us all in becoming Living Agape as we became servants for Christ.

Once inside the prison the union that was made between the brothers on the team helped spread the love of Jesus throughout the room. As Moe said many times, “We just have to be there; Jesus will make it all happen.”

From Thursday night to Friday afternoon you could see that the love of Jesus had spread in the NHSP Chapel. By Friday night the residents had begun a bond with Christ. I was involved in the prayer team, which was one of the most intense relationships with Jesus that I had ever experienced. I learned that Jesus will speak through you, as he did through me, as we prayed over the speakers and anyone that wanted to be prayed over.

By Saturday night the Chapel had changed from a group of strangers to a group of Brothers in Christ. All the residents had learned that they were not alone and they now had a family inside the four walls that they could count on for faith, fellowship and someone to help them along their way. The residents received Agape from the team. The residents had open mic to speak. Saturday wrapped up with the residents burning a list of people that they needed to forgive.

Sunday fellowship all resident showed confidence that they truly can start over and move forward with the love of Christ and their Kairos family.

In closing I would suggest to anyone that is true to their Faith and can commit to the time involved to be part of a Kairos team that they do it. These men and women are in need of support from inside the prison. Their families on the outside are in need of support too. They need to know that Jesus loves them and a change can happen if they open up to Christ.

You Brother in Christ

Dave Hemeon
Holy Trinity Parish
Our Lady of Grace, Bristol, NH

Please pray for the upcoming weekends and for Kairos of NH as we work to meet the challenges of 2016.