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Spring 2016

Kairos of NH

Upcoming Events

May 12-15

Kairos Inside Concord #59

June 24-27

Kairos Inside Goffstown #4

June 11

Annual Carwash Fundraiser


Greetings fellow lovers of Kairos Prison Ministry. Welcome to our Newsletter. Thanks to Beth Hunter for her wonderful leadership and love during the last 3 years as State Chair of Kairos and also for taking on the publication of this Newsletter.

So much to talk about but I’ll try to keep it short for now. As you know (or may not) 2016 marks the 40th anniversary of Kairos. This year also marks the 30th anniversary of Kairos of NH. Let me share a story about this:

Several months ago, Evelyn Lemly, our Executive Director, asked each of the state Chairs to send her the date of the rst Kairos weekend. I asked around and the best I could come up with was 1985 because the 25th celebration was held in 2010.

Move forward to March 12th. Susan Andrews planned a fellow- ship gathering at Bow Mills church for 4th day folks. She got the idea at Dick Adams memorial gathering. It was a wonderful, Spirit lled day! Joy Adams, Dick’s wife, was there and she had several crosses that belonged to Dick. Over the course of the afternoon, Joy was giving them to various folks who she knew would appreciate them. She approached me with the last cross in her hand and told me that she felt led to give this last cross to me. Having come to know and love Dick, I was thrilled. It was a simple little wooden cross on a string. As I looked more closely, I could see that the cross was engraved. Inside the Kairos sh symbol was a number. It was the number “1” and en- graved with the word, “Kairos”. On the back were the words, “fall 86 NH”. Here was not only a cross belonging to one of the most faithful and beloved volunteers of Kairos, but one from the very rst NH Kairos weekend at the Concord state prison! If that was not a “God moment” I don’t know what is!

Thank you Dick for all the years of loving service to Kairos, thank you Joy for giving that cross to Kairos NH, and most of all, thank you Lord for the Blessings among Blessings we re- ceive as we do your will in this incredible ministry that you have ordained.

My brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, please pray for Kairos of NH. As we move forward, you will see some changes that we hope will improve our communications as one community. We are also working to bring Kairos Outside, a most important program of Kairos NH, back from a one year break in service. Many thanks to all the women who have served Kairos Outside in the past. If you feel led to service in KO and can help with Reunions and Prayer and Share, please contact:
Karen Stage, karen_stage@yahoo.com or Jill Reynolds, jill@gibsoncenter.org.

Thank you and God’s blessings to all who have made and continue to make this Kairos ministry of Christ’s Love a reality here in NH.

Many thanks to Beth Hunter for bringing back our Newsletter. Please send any articles, Kairos experiences, or happenings to her at: beth.hunter2@comcast.net.

Tony Coriaty

4th Day Potluck

Thirty-three people attended the 4th Day Potluck sponsored by the Bow Mills United Methodist Church. The word was come enjoy food and fellowship. Anyone on their 4th day journey was invited to attend. We ate hardy and conversed with a fervor.

Jill Reynolds spoke about a renewal of Kairos Outside and Joy Adams spoke of how much she felt Dick’s presence. Those with a gift and instrument played as we sang. Old friendships were renewed and new friendships were formed.

If you feel like you really missed a good time, you did. But, take heart, there are rumors about another in September. Keep an ear out so you don’t miss it.

Photos from the 4th day “potluck” at Bow Mills Church.

Special thanks to Susan Andrews for all her work in planning this event!

Fall Celebration – 30 years of Kairos in NH

This fall we will be celebrating 30 years of Kairos here in NH. We would like to have a party and we need your input & ideas. Do you know of a centrally located place where we could gather? Ideas of how we can celebrate? Names of people from past weekends that should be invited? We need your help to make this a true celebration of all Kairos has done in the past 30 years. Please contact: Tony Coriaty (tony10965@hotmail.com) if you would like to help plan this.

Click the links below to download the sign-up sheet for the June carwash and an information ppster. We are hoping that you will post the info sheet in your church or any other place you can think of. The signup sheet is to get people to sponsor you as a “car washer”. So write the date June 11th on your calendar and join us in the fun as we wash 100+ cars.

Car Wash-A-Thon Poster Car Wash-A-Thon Pledge Sheet

Please pray for the upcoming weekends and for Kairos of NH as we work to meet the challenges of 2016.