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Summer 2017

Kairos of NH

Kairos of NH Selected as Award Recipient For 2017

Kairos of NH recently received an award from the staff of the Diocesan Administration and Catholic Charities of New Hampshire. This annual award is presented to an organization that demonstrates a commitment to live out our baptismal call by assisting those most in need.

The financial award was issued by the Most Reverend Peter Libasci, Bishop of Manchester in January of 2017.

Tony Coriaty, Chair of Kairos of NH, accepted the award stating the work of Kairos is now being recognized for what it is  doing and that is  “to aid those seeking God and bringing a change in their lives. “

A Message from The Chair of Kairos of NH

Hello to all of our beloved Kairos Community,

So much has happened since our last newsletter but I’ll try to hit on some of the highlights:

Kairos of NH completed 30 years of service in October 2016 with a wonderful Banquet. Over 140 past and present volunteers attended and were treated to a great meal and the presence of our International CEO, Evelyn Lemly. There was also an address given by Fr. Mark Montminy who was instrumental in bringing Kairos to NH and served on team #1 at Concord State prison. Presently, we also serve the women’s prison in Goffstown, the men’s federal prison in Berlin, and  Kairos Outside. Praise God!

Our 2nd Kairos Car Wash took place on June 17th.  In addition to raising some much appreciated funds, the communal spirit of our volunteers was the highlight for me. Many thanks to Jim Preisendorfer for heading up this effort.

The annual Kairos International Conference in GA was attended by: Pat Preisendorfer representing the Goffstown Advisory Council, Dave Kemmis representing the Kairos Outside Advisory Council, Chris Young our state International Representative, and myself. This year’s theme was, “BEING PRESENT”. Kairos is a ministry of “presence” as we serve incarcerated men and women and their loved ones. We are present during team formation, on the Kairos weekend, and, most importantly, after the weekend in the Continuing Ministry which differentiates us from other ministries. Yes, Kairos keeps coming back again and again. The Conference focus was on the Continuing Ministry and it’s importance and on Kairos Outside and how integral it is to both Kairos Inside and Kairos Torch. The most touching moment for me was the Memorial Service for those Kairos volunteers who have gone “Home” to the Lord during the past year. Each State Chair had the opportunity to read the names of those from their state and place a stone with their initials on a simple altar.  I had the honor of reading the names of Jack McCarthy and Janet Pederson. Jack served tirelessly in Kairos Inside and, together with his wife Julie, founded Dismas Home of NH which provides safe housing for women after being released from prison. Janet always encouraged her husband Don who serves as our Concord prison Advisory Council Chair.

We who serve are keenly aware of the support and sacrifice of our family members. Janet epitomized these qualities. Anyone who served on a team with Don came to know Janet, the “whoopie Pie” lady. She was so very much more to all who were blessed to come to know and love her.  These two exceptional people are sorely missed.

That’s enough for now. What a blessing each of you are as we serve together on the State Committee, Advisory Councils, and our Kairos Inside, Kairos Outside and support teams and countless others who support us with their time, talent, and treasure. Without your faithful, loving service, and without God to lead us, we could do nothing. All honor, glory, and praise to you Lord Jesus Christ.

Peace, Tony

The Kairos Inside for Women Advisory Council is accepting nominations for 2018.  This is a request that if you feel you can help, Kairos wants you. So many graces and blessings come to those that can give of their time to bring the spirit of God into the lives of the inmates. (Editors note)

The NH State Prison for Women Goffstown, Advisory Council is accepting nominations for Advisory Council positions for the year 2018.  Positions are:

Advisory Council Chair - Prepare an Agenda and conduct monthly meetings, must be familiar with the Advisory Council  Operating Procedures (ACOP) set forth by Kairos Prison Ministry International, Inc.
Advisory Council Vice Chair - Serve as Chair when Chair is unable to be at meetings.
Advisory Council Recording Secretary - Record Minutes and keep records of Advisory Council Business.
Advisory Council Treasurer - Count and record all monies received from Team Meetings, Donations, and Fundraising Events, make bank deposits and submit reports to the Advisory Council Financial Secretary.
Advisory Council Financial Secretary - Record all money transactions and Report to the State Chapter Financial Secretary.

All positions are a 3 year commitment, but must be re-elected yearly.  All nominations must be in by October 15, 2017.  The ballot will be published thru email and NH Kairos Newsletter, votes must be submitted by November 15, 2017 and will be counted at the November 28, 2107 meeting of the Goffstown Women’s Prison Advisory Council.  Voting will be by email and U.S. Mail only, no proxy votes will be accepted.  

Candidates must be active members of New Hampshire Kairos Prison Ministry for the last two years either by serving on a Weekend Team, Prayer and Shares, Fundraising, or other activities to benefit NH Kairos Prison Ministry. 
You may nominate yourself or, with permission, nominate someone else who is willing to serve Kairos in NH.
Email nominations to amfinnwaddell@aol.com or mail to NH Kairos Prison Ministry, P.O. Box 4752, Manchester, NH 03108


Up Coming Kairos Weekends

Kairos # 7  Women’s - Goffstown - September 22 -Mary Lynn Powers
Kairos #62 Men’s -  Concord -  October 19 -Scott Fitzpatrick
Kairos #4 -FCI Men’s - Berlin -November 2- Jeff Towne

International Council Representative

I was in prayer this morning and as usual I started my prayer by asking myself “What am I most thankful to God about today?” As I approach the end of my term as your representative to Kairos from New Hampshire, I am thankful to God and all the Kairos volunteers in NH for the privilege of serving you in this position as representative to the International Council of Kairos.

I am aware that the majority of Kairos volunteers in NH have no idea of the purpose and roles of serving on the International Council of Kairos.  The IC is the communications link from the ministry headquarters back to the states and the volunteers at the local level. The IC assists in the supervision of the ministry programs and processes. Following are the expectations of a representative:

1. Help the SCC ensure that programs are running properly.
2. Uphold and represent the policies, program manuals, and procedures of the ministry.
3. Become informed of the nominee profiles for voting of the Board of Directors.
4. Assist the ACs and the SCC in inspiring ministry excellence.
5. Know and utilize the four Kairos foundational documents.
6. Attend all IC meetings and trainings.
7. Serve on committees and task forces.

The most important lesson that I have learned is that each and every one of us can enrich our experiences with Kairos by being better informed about the ministry. Read the manual. Read ACOP (Advisory Council Operating Procedures).Visit the mykairos.org website. Without knowing where we are going, we are wandering in the desert. From the bible we all know how long that can last. The previous two paragraphs tell you a little about the nuts and bolts of the IC but Kairos as seen and experienced thru the eyes of an IC Representative is so much more. At conventions, hearing witness of God’s love and forgiveness in horrific circumstances has been a blessing that will strengthen my faith for as long as I live. Last year, as part of the 40th anniversary celebration of Kairos, Hearing Clive Bell (the only survivor of the founders of Kairos) and the weaving of the story of where this great ministry came from and where they hope to go in the future helped me appreciate what I am part of. I have enjoyed meeting and breaking bread with brothers and sisters in Christ from 34 states who share the joy of ministering to the incarcerated and their families. I have been part of a team that presented a workshop on Recruiting at the convention and was asked to be a AC Trainer  (probably the result of being on the International Council).If I have accomplished anything as an IC Rep, it is the result of God giving me the wisdom to understand and accomplish a task. God has truly stretched me in the last four years.

The following article was submitted by our Current International Representative. Chris Young by his dedication and witness has truly been an outstanding example of what it takes to be one of God’s Servants. It is my hope that all of you will enjoy this piece that he wrote for this newsletter (Editors Notes)

Early on June 17th a cloudy Saturday morning with the threat of rain I checked satellite weather and decided to go forward with our Car Wash.  “Thank you Lord for holding off on the rain”.   As I entered the Immaculate Heart of Mary parking lot there was Bob and Linda Wooster waiting with Bob’s new pressure washer.  Shortly thereafter Wayne and Susan Andrews drove up with his pressure washer giving us three pressure washers which included one made available from Rich Nadeau.  Mike and Deb Silver along with their two daughters were the next to show up with buckets, soap, sponges, brushes and hose connectors.  Wait who brought the hoses?   I called Pat to bring hoses from our house and on her way she picked up donuts and coffee for us volunteers.  Susan Andrews went home to get another hose.  Tony Coriaty showed up in a jester’s costume which was quite appropriate for him.  Tony’s grandson Lucas came and was a bundle of energy flashing the car wash hand pointing signs donated by Paul Underwood.  It was obvious Lucas inherited his grandfather’s energy as Tony danced with his sign up and down Loudon Road.  Paul also donated 36 professionally done posters that I put up all over the Concord and Penacook areas in grocery stores, restaurants and churches.  Thank you Paul!  Things where a little slow but when a corvette showed up and the owner didn’t want ANYONE to wash it, he surprised us with a HUNDRED DOLLAR DONATION.  Pat left around noontime to pick up pizzas for lunch donated by Constantly Pizza.  Thank you Dave and John Constant!  Later in the day Brian Stinchfield, Chuck and Margaret Dinger and Deacon Jim Rock and his daughter came and added to our contingent of car washing volunteers.  We did have a little difficult time getting the power washer wands out of Bob and Wayne’s possession, but they finally let go of their tight grip of the wands.  Although we only washed half the number of cars from the previous car wash it was a great day of fellowship with a lot of smiles and laughter.  Besides this great fellowship we realized or financial goals.  Thank you all who volunteered and those who went out and got pledges.  I feel overall this was a very successful fund raiser and we will surely do it again next year.  For those who couldn’t make it this year, see you next year.

God Bless - Jim Preisendorfer - State Chapter Committee Vice Chairman

In Memoriam

Jack McCarthy – Kairos Volunteer, Aid to Incarcerated Marriages volunteer, Co-Founder of Dismas Home of NH

Janet Pederson – Wife of Don Pederson, current Leader of Concord Men’s Advisory Council             

Summer Conference Notes

2017 Summer Conference theme was “Being Present” Listed below are a few notes submitted by Dave Kemmis on his experience of the conference.

The Conference theme was “Being Present.”  It was amazing how prominently the thread of “being present” wove itself through every workshop, every evening general session, each incredible heart-changing witness account; even mealtime conversations.  I think this happened, first because the theme was inspired; KPMI leadership is committed to caring for the spiritual health of the ministry, but also because its volunteers are obedient and loving servants.  I will relish the experience of “being present” at the 2017 Conference for a good long while.

Dave Kemmis

Kairos Community Prayer

Jesus come join us
In our journey
As we seek your will
for this Community
In this environment
Teach us to Love each other
As you Love us
to give ourselves
as you give yourself
That the kingdom of God
might be present to all

Kairos of New Hampshire Needs Your Help

“I was in prison and you visited Me.”
Matthew 25:36.

This is indeed a “Special Time” for the Kairos Prison Ministry in New Hampshire. After operating for more than 30 years in New Hampshire, God is calling us to sustain and grow the Ministry and reach more prison residents, their families, and those who work with them.

Here’s how you can help

Be a team member! Kairos volunteers come from all walks of life. Would you like to work on a Kairos team? Certainly prison ministry is not for everybody, but if you feel God’s call to work in a prison ministry, contact us about how you can be involved.
Be a prayer partner! All Kairos activities are supported by prayer; the prayer of thousands throughout the world. During the retreat, the participants are shown “prayer lists.” These lists have slots for every hour of the retreat with hundreds of persons signed up to pray for them.
Be a support volunteer! Every Kairos weekend has opportunities for outside support. Donations of food and materials are always welcomed. Individuals or church groups can create posters and general letters of hope and encouragement to Kairos participants. Many children’s groups and Sunday School classes participate by coloring placemats that are used for the meals served to the inmates.
Be a Kairos Financial Booster! We need your financial support. All of our activities are funded by donations. Each Kairos volunteer must devote many hours of training before they enter the prison, but they must also take responsibility to assist in defraying the rising costs of food, housing and supplies. Individuals or churches can help to underwrite the cost of a Kairos weekend by sponsoring an inmate ($150.00), a team member ($150.00) or an entire table family. ($1350.00)

Please pray for the upcoming weekends and for Kairos of NH as we work to meet the challenges of 2016.