Kairos Prison Ministry International, Inc. is the parent organization of New Hampshire Kairos. Our purpose is addressing the spiritual needs of incarcerated men, women and children, their families and to those who work in the prison environment. Kairos is a ministry of the church ... a ministry of the apostles whom Jesus, the Christ, has called into community and sent forth into the environment of the correctional institution. Kairos has been called the best example of the early church in existence today.


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Kairos changed my life...

I was depressed, alone, ashamed of what I did, and God came to me through the men volunteers of Kairos and they helped lead me to the saving knowledge of Christ and the peace and joy that brings.”

– Tony, Kairos #35

My father was arrested and put in prison. I was ashamed and embarrassed for what he had done. Those feelings continued until I experienced the gift of a Kairos Outside weekend. I felt loved, listened to and lifted up by the Kairos volunteers. On that weekend, Jesus delivered me from my shame, guilt and unforgiveness. I have strength, comfort and peace in my heart because I know, with the help of Kairos, I am forgiven!!!! I am forever grateful for this ministry!

– Annette, Kairos Outside #14